• If I could fly3:10
  • 4th_Of_July_201801223:13
  • Valley of the Thorns4:54
  • Love will win3:11
  • Ain't got one4:37
  • Dusty Town 20174:11
  • Gladys Kravits3:26
  • Your gonna fly4:17
  • No place on earth5:03
  • Sweet Hour of prayer4:58

A true Mid-Westerner, Dave Fable writes songs about life, faith and just everyday stuff. Starting out as a drummer at age 10 and being recruited to his first country band by the age of twelve, Dave discovered a love for music at an early age. Playing roadhouses and bars at the age of sixteen until he was twenty - seven when he decided to settle down and be a dad. With too many musical influences to mention here, if you give him a listen it is obvious that Dave draws inspiration from nearly everything.

Dave resides with his wife Kelli and family in Western Michigan and writes everyday.

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